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We optimize your present website to rank locally, regionally and nationally for addiction treatment keywords in Google. We track each organic visitor and phone call from Google query to keyword ranking to final Admission. Our SEO has guaranteed results that will deliver the ROI you are looking for.

Google Ads

We have spent over a million dollars of our own money delivering calls from Google Ads as well as millions more in our clients’ spend in the addiction treatment industry. We have years of data we can plug into your account from day one, giving you a huge advantage over the market.

Facebook Ads

What sets us apart from other social media agencies is that we use inmarket data for people currently searching for addiction treatment as custom audiences for our proven Facebook ads, remarketing, funnels and landing pages. We guarantee our leads and can provide you a guaranteed ROI from our Facebook ads.


We also use inmarket data of people currently looking for addiction treatment to create custom audiences for OTT “streaming” TV on Roku, Amazon Firestick, And Google Chromecast. We offer creative as well as media buying on streaming TV starting at 17 CPM, and can hyper target to a custom audience starting at 38 CPM.

Our goal is to connect people looking for addiction treatment with the right facility and recovery program for them.

Tranparent, Ethical & Effective

Why Search Marketing Works For Addiction Treatment

No one searches on Google for "drug rehab" unless they have a need for addiction treatment for either them or a loved one.

The fact is, in Google there are tens of thousands of searches per month just for that keyword alone, but there are hundreds more like it.

In our, and our clients opinion, the most ethical and effective way to market to the addiction treatment market, is via online search.

We are able to use our expertise in online search to provide the most ethical, and the most effective form of marketing for this industry.

  • Over 91,000 searches per month

  • Over 88,000 searches per month

  • 75,000 searches per month

  • Over 53,000 searches per month

Weather you have a full service facility offering inpatient/outpatient, dual diagnosis, and everything else, or are a simple stand alone rural doctor offering only medically assisted treatment for a handful of patients – if you want to grow your patient count we can help you achieve your goals faster.

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