August 28, 2017

Call Quality

drug rehab pay per callRegardless of the marketing service we are providing for our client, our fee is only based on the number of calls generated by our efforts or by the number of keywords we can get to the front page of Google.

Regardless of source, all of our calls are guaranteed to be someone looking for addiction treatment and are filtered to be at least 30 seconds of talk time.

From that point, the quality of the call, how motivated they are, they odds of them having insurance, etc. are all related to how they found you.

The best quality calls are going to be from Organic Search Traffic via your own website. The second highest quality is going to be from Google Local/Maps. While still very good quality (but not at the level as coming from your own site or business listing), the easiest way to get up an running are and booking admisssions is from raw mobile search calls.

Organic Google TrafficOrganic Search Traffic is when someone performs a search on Google or another search engine (Google owns 80% of this market on desktop searches, even more on mobile search) and visits your site your website from a link in the search results. This process occurs billions of times per day in Google alone.

This searcher, turns into a caller when they pick up the phone and call you. This person knows: what you do, where you are, and what they should expect when they call. They know exactly who they are speaking to, and these are the highest quality calls you will ever receive.

We deliver these calls optimizing your site to rank in the top pages of Google for relevant search terms and we track our results  by adding code to your site that will dynamically switch your phone number with one of our tracking numbers when a visitor arrives from Google. We can also track the source of all of your website calls in case you are also promoting your site elsewhere.

If you have searched for anything on Google using a mobile device you have seen Google Local Listings. They prominently display a map with the top services along with their listings and phone numbers listed below.

Google loves their Local Maps product and if a search is conducted in which proximity may be a factor – such looking for a local rehab treatment center – Google will show the “Top 3” local results at the top of the page.

We can promote your Google Local Business listing to be on the Top 3 of Google’s Local listings for relevant searches, and again only charge for the calls we generate. With Google Local (maps) listings, the quality of the caller is exceptional. Although they haven’t been to your site yet in most cases, they are close to you and looking for addiction treatment.


Google Mobile Search: 

Mobile Calls for Addiction TreatmentWe have non-branded mobile sites that are already getting hundreds of visitors a week from Google’s mobile search, and we can cross promote these sites with ads across all of Google’s mobile products – and in doing so can provide a good quality search caller for your facility from across the United states, and you can be up and running – getting calls – in a matter of hours. Google organic and Google Local maps traffic can take up to 6 weeks before you start getting a substantial number of call.

Our Mobile Search campaigns however, can start bringing call this afternoon. You can also filter by region, state, services offered and talk time.


To ensure HIPPA Compliance, all calls routed through our system are fully encrypted.