When An Addict Searches For Help

Google conducted a study a while back of how the internet and smartphones have changed the typical consumers behavior when making a purchase decision. Although this video is showing how search has changed consumer buying behavior, it’s also very relevant for how an addict or the family of an addict chooses a rehabilitation program.

Before the internet it was all about traditional “top of mind advertising”, asking people for referrals, and how available the product was in your area.


For those looking for help with addiction, the phone book or a call to the local hospital were the 2 first choices for most addicts who were looking for help.

The Zero Moment of Truth For Addicts:

Now the world has changed, and when someone is in crisis, more often then not they will pull out their smartphone and search for help with their problem- often via voice search – and 90% of the time using Google.

For the drug addiction treatment industry, this mobile search has become the Zero Moment of Truth.

Yes, even if an addict or a loved one finds you they might very well research your facility and look for reviews from previous patients, but the vast majority are looking for help now – and if you can provide it – and they have means to pay via family or insurance – you are on your way to booking a new admission – and all you need is that first phone call to your facility

Easy enough, so the obvious answer is to buy some ads on Google and send them to your site and problem solved, right?

One one point, yes – but Google’s pricing works as a real time auction, and a single click from google for “Drug Rehab” for example will run you about $80. In reality only 1 out of 10 web visitors will pick up the phone and call you – this puts the price of that 1 phone call at about $800.

And that’s still no guarantee that they’re going to be able to verify their insurance or book an admission. If you’re in the industry you already know that the cost per admission in marketing dollars is around 3k on the low side and and can to 7k per admission without being out of the norm. Using the above scenario if you had 10 of these phone calls and had 1 VOB that would be 8k per VOB (Verification of Benefits), and that’s still not a book admission.

How to target Google at the addict’s “Moment of Truth” without losing money: Stop Paying for Effort …or for clicks.

Most SEO companies take a flat fee that can range from 2k-20k per month based on the level of competition and the scope of the project. The only problem is, you are paying for effort and hoping for a result. Our SEO is 100% pay per call. You will still get to see your keyword rankings and organic traffic, but the bottom line is you will only pay for the results: more calls from your website.

But SEO on your website is not enough, it’s only part of the solution. Again, to really fill your beds, you will need to go after the addicts Zero Moment of Truth before the client ever gets to your site.

This is done by attacking Google’s mobile space with both maps and by utilizing the traffic already being generated to other properties. We have sites that are already getting thousands of mobile visits per month from addicts and their families looking for help. Google is pushing is Local Maps listing over and above all of the results when a search is done on a smartphone, showing the top 3 results in the area.

Our Local Search and Mobile Search solutions target both of these, and yes – rather than paying for our effort and hoping for a result – both are 100% pay per call.