August 29, 2017

Our Ethics

Our Ethical Standards for Our Clients:

What we are looking for in our clients:

We are looking for clients who want to help people, and who don’t put the bottom line above their ethics, or above their patients. We prefer to work with members of the Addiction Treatment community who are transparent in their goals and approach the same way we are with ours.

Under no circumstance will do business with any organization that takes advantage of it’s patients or partners. This means:

  1. No deceptive billing practices.
  2. No over-billing insurance for drug tests.
  3. No forced relapse
  4. No patient brokering
  5. No bait and switch techniques
  6. No forced call backs on the calls we generate

We understand that addiction treatment is a life saving event. But it’s also a business, one that is as competitive as it is rewarding.

Unfortunately, this creates an environment that inspires some to use predatory marketing practices to fill their beds. Often, it’s not the facility itself, but the marketing agency behind the tactics being employed, and the facility management is completely unaware.

That’s a terrible way to do business. Not only is it not sustainable, but it is dangerous to the potential patient as well as the facility.

It’s also 100% unnecessary.

Our Ethics are of paramount importance to us, and should be to use as well. After all, even if you don’t hire us, there is a chance your competitors will – and wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing they were doing business ethically as well?



Here are our ethical guidelines that we uphold and adhere to for every client:

We – nor any client we work with – will not engage in deceptive or misleading advertising or marketing practices.

We will help our clients provide information in their advertising; on their websites; and in their collateral marketing materials about the general location of their facility or facilities; the credentials of their staff; and the length of stay in their programs.

We will not utilize any form of false or misleading advertising; will not engage in “patient brokering” and will never exploit patients and or families for the purpose of promoting our client’s programs; and we will not engage in competitive practices that are predatory and/or destructive to an open and competitive marketplace. We believe in “fair play” without resorting to ruthless or predatory practices.

Exposing Patient’s Identities for Marketing Purposes:

We revere the value of a patients’ rights to privacy. Their identities may not be revealed – neither in the form of photographic images, video images, media coverage, nor in marketing testimonials – at any time during the patient’s treatment or ever without written consent.

We will not under any circumstances include unsubstantiated representations, that would be false or deceptive within the meaning of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 USC Section 45.