August 30, 2017

Our Mission

Our mission in rehab marketing

We formed Ethical Rehab Marketing because not only do we have first hand experience with addiction recovery, but we also saw a real need in the community for people with experience in our field and we also a real need of those who were searching for help but were being routed to the wrong facilities. Often, we saw this also happen for all of the wrong reasons.

Our mission is to connect people searching for drug and alcohol addiction treatment with the right treatment facility for them.

With several decades of combined experience in Search Marketing, we saw a real opportunity to not only change the lives of addicts by helping them find the facilities they need, but also an opportunity to improve the culture and image of the Addiction Recovery industry.

We decide to combine our efforts within this market, to make a difference and to help the greater good by lending our search marketing talents for what we consider to be the highest of ideals.