August 30, 2017

Our Process


Our approach to marketing is very similar to the approach to treatment taken by the centers we work with; we like to call it evidence-based marketing.

We start with an assessment, we make a diagnosis, we create and individualized marketing plan based upon the goals and needs of our clients (following best practices and using what we know works), we adjust along the way if needed, we measure outcomes, and we analyze the results so that we are constantly improving.

In marketing terms, this is considered data-driven marketing and it relies on data from marketing campaigns, call tracking, analytics and other sources as appropriate.

The typical goals and outcomes are more admits, lower cost per admit and improved return-on-investment.

Because we customize each campaign around our client’s needs, there more information about your goals we can gather the better our first conversation will be. Please fill us in on a few details that will really help us put together a plan for your facility.

Let us know how many locations you have, any special services you want to promote (dual diagnosis, Medically Assisted Treatment, Inpatient, Outpatient, etc. and we will be better prepared to serve you and have a more productive initial conversation.

Use the form below to reach out to us and we will schedule a call.