August 31, 2017


Being digital marketers first and foremost, we take pride in our reporting. We live by data and our reporting is how we prove our results to our clients. You’ll know when calls are coming in to your facility and you’ll know about the the insurance verifications as they occur in your office, and you’ll see new admissions walking in and your beds filling up.

Our reporting gets even more granular and we monitor and report daily results for all of your campaigns.

We can monitor your ranking in Google locally and nationally, and can track your progress from one day to the next in Google, Google Mobile, and Google Local Listings

SEO Keyword Rankings

We can also track your calls from each campaign as well, with each call being 100% encrypted for HIPPA compliance. If you’re not already recording your calls we can add that feature as well, even with a digital transcription upgrade to allow you to scan the calls easily.

Organic Call Tracking