August 26, 2017

Search Engine Optimization for Addiction Treatment Centers

How Our SEO Works:

1.We install our tracking code on your website. This code automatically replaces your sites phone number with a unique tracking phone number that counts how many people call you from Google. We can also apply this code to your Google+ page to track calls from Google Maps.

2.We begin the optimization process on your site, and monitor your progress in rankings, traffic and call volume via google.

3. We track your traffic, keyword rankings, and how many phone calls are generated from your site via Google traffic.

4. All the calls generated from Google are yours exclusively, and you only pay a flat fee for SEO.



SEO  – otherwise known Search Engine Optimization, is a very technical and deep subject, but don’t worry. We keep it simple. After having ranked hundreds of websites on the first page of Google, I have learned that clients – rehab centers specifically – care more about how many new patients they get a lot more than they care about their traffic or keyword rankings.

Our SEO service can deliver all three.

Why Google Search Traffic:

Someone looking for help, who finds you via a Google search and calls you from your website, has the best potential of a new admission than from any other source. It is the highest quality call you will ever get. Period.

How We Perform SEO:



1.We install code on your website that dynamically shows different tracking numbers to the people who found the site via a Google organic search.

2: We take your current website and actively change the site structure, text, images, etc in order to rank their site on the first pages of Google for dozens to hundreds of keywords – all custom tailored to their specialties and locations.

3: Track the number of calls that come from Google traffic, as well as the rankings of each keyword on a day to day basis.

4: Ongoing Optimization: Google’s algorithm changes daily, and we monitor your campaign and rankings daily – re-optimizing to STAY as the top of the page in Google.

Organic SEO Drug Rehab Center

Phone Calls for Drug Rehab Center

World Class SEO Reporting: 

With us, you will know exactly where your site ranks in Google on a daily basis, as well as exactly how our SEO is working for you. We believe in 100% transparency with our clients so you’ll know how your site ranks, how much traffic is being generated and ultimately how many calls are being delivered to your facility.